We believe there is always a choice.
There is always room for improvement.
There is always an easier, faster, revolutionary way of getting things done.

The localise.io team built by industry professionals with more than 20 years of experience in audio-video production, sound design, multimedia and localisation.

We are specialised to offer our multimedia localisation services to translation agencies.

We help your project to get it done without the fuss.

We always find the right solution for your needs with the right people, on the right budget, at the right time.

We use the latest AI and Machine Learning and custom scripting technology in our workflows.

Transcription (AI)
from £0.1 per minute

(up to 95% accuracy - ready in an hour)

On-Screen text localisation
from £35 per hour

(On-screen text, logo, intro, endplate localisation)
We are happy to provide full localisation services by the help of our localisation partners all around the world.

Transcription (human)
from £1.50 per minute

(up to 99% accuracy - ready in 24 hours)

Voice-Over production
from £200

(up to 1500 words per hour / 10 minutes of audio)
We only work with voice actors who can deliver professional-grade, original voice-overs that are created with an eye for detail and a passion for quality.

from £35 per hour

(up to 10 minutes length video in an hour)

Audio post-production
from £35 per hour

(cleaning/normalising up to 15 minutes of audio)
We offer a full range of voiceover-related products & services provided either in-house or through a team of affiliated production companies.